mylife YpsoPump Waist Pouch

mylife YpsoPump Waist Pouch

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Waist Pouch for your mylife YpsoPump insulin pump system. The Waist Pouch is especially designed for carrying your mylife YpsoPump around your waist. As the strap is fully adjustable, ladies might also wear it on their thigh, for example to wear the pump discreetly under an evening dress.

The Waist Pouch is available in two different colours:
black and white.

Sizes per colour: XS/S (Length: 66 cm) and M/L (Length: 127 cm), fully adjustable.

Exterior: Lycra material
Padding: 0.18mm white PU
Strap: 38mm polyester elastic band
Velcro: Nylon
Plastic clip: HDPE + POE
Thread: Polyester
Care label: Black color printing on white polyester tape

Weight in g:
Size XS/S: 31 g/unit
Size M/L: 50 g/unit